Host a Display Exhibit or Information Stand

Being part of the Airshow provides an excellent opportunity for you to promote your club, organisation, or individual enterprise to the public. 

This opportunity exists during the actual event, as well as before and after, via coverage on television and radio, social media, television news reports, newspaper articles, formal advertising, and, of course, word of mouth.

Since its inception in 1998 the Barossa Airshow has been held biennially until 2017. Over this time the event has grown and evolved into a major event for the Barossa Valley and aeronautical communities. 

Each Barossa Airshow has seen significant increases in crowd numbers and participation by pilots and aircraft owners.  Phone calls and letters received after every event are testaments to its excellence

The Airshow Management Committee has been working hard to bring the 2023 event to fruition since April 2022.

If you would like to host a display exhibit or information stand at the upcoming 2023 Barossa Airshow please send us an email via stalls@barossaairshow.com.au.

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