Pilots’ Information

Fly in for Free!

Pilots from all areas, in all types of aircraft, are welcome to fly in to this spectacular community event, at no charge.

You may be able to join us as a participant in the Flying Display, or simply come along as a Fly-In Spectator.

The Flying Display is the key attraction of the Barossa Airshow and participants, pilots and the aircraft, will be the major element of all promotions and publicity for the Airshow. 

Being part of the Airshow, whether in the air or on the ground, provides an excellent opportunity for you to promote your club, organisation, or individual enterprise to the public.  This opportunity is there during the actual event, and before and after, via coverage on television and radio, social media, television news reports, newspaper articles, formal advertising, and, of course, word of mouth.


To book you and your craft in to attend as a
Fly-In Spectator send an email to promotions@barossaairshow.com.au


Tickets will be issued to all pilots and crew who fly in, for the purposes of the event’s COVID Management Plan. 

Important information for Pilots

PLEASE NOTE:  Use of the landing ground and associated facilities is entirely at the users’ risk. Pilots remain responsible at all times for assessing the suitability of the runway and other areas to ensure the safe operation of aircraft and the safety of all aircrew and passengers.

>Fly-In aircraft are required to be landed before 10:30 am sharp.

>The Flying Display will begin at 11:00 am sharp.

>Departures will be after the Flying Display has finished, which will be at approximately 3:45pm, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Airfield Plan (YRWF)

Airfield Details

Rowland Flat airfield is privately owned.

It is located in the Barossa Valley approximately halfway between Tanunda and Rowland Flat, at
34 33.809’S 138 56.983’E.

It can be located on the Adelaide VTC or the Adelaide VNC.  Multicom 126.7

The 08 / 26 Runway is a natural surface of approx. 600m in length at an elevation of approx. 840ft. above mean sea level.

The runway to the west has a downhill gradient. 

Due to the location of hills, when operating on RWY 26 it is suggested to use right-hand circuits.

Under certain conditions wind shear can be experienced on short final to RWY 08.